Win the perfect weaning set from Doidy

Doidy cup soup

Have you started on the weaning adventure with your baby? It is a new and exciting phase for both you and your baby and I have partnered with Doidy to bring you a fab giveaway. Doidy is recommended by professionals, trusted by parents and has led ‘Weaning by Design’ for over 70 years as the makers of the famous open slanted Doidy Cup and the new Doidy Bowl with its super-suction base and high-lip to aid baby-led weaning.  Starting to… Continue Reading “Win the perfect weaning set from Doidy”

Babycup First Cups Giveaway

Baby Cup

Babycup First Cups are a baby weaning essential and also make a brilliant baby shower or new baby gift or Christmas stocking filler. They look good, they do good and are great to have on hand for the early days of baby feeding and then all through the weaning stage too. Babycup First Cups are mini open cups, think shot glass size! But with carefully considered proportions to be perfect for little hands and mouths and made from high-quality, non-toxic, baby-safe materials, BPA-free, dishwasher and steam steriliser safe. Made in Britain and loved by… Continue Reading “Babycup First Cups Giveaway”

Doidy Cup’s two new healthy and warming weaning soup recipes and giveaway

green soup veg cup full

If your baby was born at the end of last summer, they may be approaching the age when you are thinking about weaning.  It can be a confusing time and it is important to give your baby a good experience as they try new tastes and textures.  Doidy Cup is introducing two new healthy and warming soup recipes (available at which are perfect to introduce in the early stages and will provide a weaning infant with a nutritious and… Continue Reading “Doidy Cup’s two new healthy and warming weaning soup recipes and giveaway”

How to get your Kids using Cutlery

Kids Cutlery

Babies and toddlers are continually learning and developing their motor skills, cognitive ability, and personal habits and preferences. For parents, there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching their kids steadily scaling new mental heights and achieving new physical milestones. Sometimes though, parents need to take control of their development, particularly when it involves complicated areas that require multiple leaps of mental and physical advancements such as developing healthy eating habits. A great way to start toddlers on the right path… Continue Reading “How to get your Kids using Cutlery”

Easy Indian Supermeals Review and Giveaway

Easy Indian Cookbook

Back in October 2012 I reviewed the Indian SuperMeals Baby and Toddler cookbook.  The “Super” of SuperMeals refers to the extra health benefits associated with these meals, over and above normal meals, due to the inclusion of carefully selected foods, SuperFoods and SuperSpices.  When fused together they produce scrumptious meals, chock-full of nutritional value for baby and toddler. The creator of this cookbook is Zainab Jagot Ahmed and she has recently launched her new hardback cookbook entitled Easy Indian Supermeals,… Continue Reading “Easy Indian Supermeals Review and Giveaway”