Toddler Meal Planning: What Should Your Little One Eat in a Day

Parents have two important tasks when it comes to their toddler’s food. The first is to ensure that the toddler gets good and nutritious food so that they can grow and develop optimally. The second is to get their little one to create good eating habits and enjoy their food. Children depend on a steady supply of energy and nutrients to grow and develop properly. The first few years of their lives are characterized by rapid growth and development. Therefore, a stable energy supply through a healthy and varied diet is important for the child’s health. Children have a great …

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Piccolo Food

Review: Piccolo – ‘Just for You’ baby food subscription box

Premium organic baby and toddler food brand, Piccolo, has recently launched a first-of-its-kind baby food subscription service and we were invited to try it with Lilah. Called ‘Just-For-You’, the new service delivers a new personalised selection of Piccolo’s pouches, snacks, cooking ingredients and formula right to families’ doors, no online delivery slot required. The contents of each box are based on a questionnaire completed by parents and tailored to babies’ age and dietary requirements. It will also ask for lifestyle details and eating goals that the parents might have, such as including more vegetables or increasing animal protein. Parents can …

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doddl – a revolution in children’s cutlery

doddl’s baby fork and spoon set is the perfect first cutlery set for your baby (6 months+). Now, with more time at home than ever, it is the perfect time to get to grips with some cutlery with some fun challenges. The short, compact handles make it easy for your baby to hold in their basic grip, whilst soft touch areas help develop the more advanced pincer grip. doddl baby cutlery makes it easy for your baby to feed themselves, helping to establish a positive relationship with cutlery at mealtimes. doddl has come up with a series of fun challenges …

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Win a Bundle of Weaning Accessories from Bibetta Range Wipeezee®

Innovative baby accessories brand, Bibetta, have recently released a new range, Wipeezee®. The new range consists of easily wiped clean bibs and mats, which offer solutions to parents for every stage and age of weaning and feeding. The range comes in a new, fun, contemporary fruit pattern. Famous for their award-winning collection of neoprene products, the introduction of this new waterproof, wipe-clean range demonstrates Bibetta’s dedication to parents’ needs. Consisting of a bib with a large fold-out pocket, a sleeved bib, an extra-long coverall bib which fits most highchairs, ideal for baby-led weaning, and a large splash mat, Wipeezee® products are sure to be a …

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Weaning Bundle

NOURISH Feeding and Weaning Range Giveaway

Weaning our baby is an exciting time for both you and your baby as you experiment with new textures and tastes. It can also be a confusing time, as many people recommend different ways of introducing new foods, but you know your baby best and it is vital to give them a good experience as they try new tastes and textures, to stop them becoming fussy eaters later on. Now you can make mealtimes fun with vital baby® NOURISH™ weaning and feeding range. Made from safe and soft phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA-free materials, our baby and toddler feeding products have been designed …

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