Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups

Back at the end of May 2015 we went to MW Sea Garden resort in Bodrum, Turkey and it was everything the perfect family break should be.  The travel and accommodation was just right and knowing the kids were happy and well cared for in the childcare  facilities they have on offer meant that hubby and I got to spend some time together too. Our first evening was spent finding our feet, we attended two short meetings on the lawn –… Continue Reading “Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups”

Some time for me with Mark Warner Holidays

You will all know that as a busy parent you rarely get any time for you, especially if your children have not yet started school. At Britmums in June I entered a competition to win a short break with Mark Warner holidays.  At the time I “Hmmm’d and Arrr’d” about whether to enter as it wasn’t for the family, but just for me and Sebastian if I chose to take him as he would be under two. I made the… Continue Reading “Some time for me with Mark Warner Holidays”