How to Build a Unique and Fashionable Wardrobe


One of the most confusing parts about fashion is trying to come up with a look that’s fashionably yours, but also aesthetically pleasing both to yourself and others. The reason why it can be quite confusing is that everybody seems to have a different idea about how they dress. As a matter of fact, most of the people who are most comfortable about how they dress typically pay no mind when it comes to what they wear. Fortunately, it is… Continue Reading “How to Build a Unique and Fashionable Wardrobe”

Clearing Out Your Wardrobe


Decluttering and tidying your bedroom might be one of the most satisfying cleaning chores that you can do. After all, at the end of an excellent clean and tidy, you get to reap the rewards of a comfortable and relaxing room.  One of the most significant issues for many is clothing storage.  Over the years we tend to buy more clothes than we get rid of. And this can lead to some serious storage problems.  So maybe it’s time for… Continue Reading “Clearing Out Your Wardrobe”

Get Out of a Fashion Rut and Refresh Your Wardrobe

As a mum, so much of my attention goes to getting my kids ready which of course I love. But I am at the point where I am getting bored with my own clothes and outfits, and it’s time to refresh things a bit! While I have had my eye on some accessories, I don’t tend to go on large shopping sprees so it’s time to get a little creative for getting out of this fashion rut I’m in! I… Continue Reading “Get Out of a Fashion Rut and Refresh Your Wardrobe”

Glam Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Some people stick with dark clothing during the winter. Dark jackets on dark tops and dark jeans. Dark on dark on dark. Shapeless cardigans paired with jogging pants or loose pants. The cold months are no excuse for not dressing up and being your toasty best. Here are some fashion ideas for the winter to revive your wardrobe: Trench coats Bust out your trench coats as it is the season to be dashing again. Wear a dark trench coat over… Continue Reading “Glam Up Your Winter Wardrobe”