Mister Maker and the Shapes Review

Mister Maker

We are big fans of the cast of CBeebies as the kids have all grown up watching them. We have seen many of them perform live, including, Alex, Andy, Katie, Mr Bloom, the Rhyme Rockets and Sid but one that had eluded us until this year was Mister Maker and we caught our first glimpse of him in the pouring rain at Camp Bestival. His show was full of fun and his infamous sidekicks, the Shapes, were there too. Camp… Continue Reading “Mister Maker and the Shapes Review”

Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour

Night Zookeeper

Anything that fires children’s imaginations is a hit in my book and we have been struggling with Isaac at school because if he doesn’t want to do something, no amount of persuasion will make him do it. It is a similar story with reading. He will read factual science books, anything about Dr Who and WWE but when it comes to stories he has never really been interested……..until now. We were sent the Night Zookeeper to review and Isaac has… Continue Reading “Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour”

WWE Birmingham Review

As Isaac gets older I have noticed that he is becoming more decisive about what he likes and doesn’t like and over the last two weeks he has been very lucky to go to two events which he follows with a passion – Doctor Who Festival and WWE Live. We were super lucky to be invited to WWE when it visited Birmingham and it was bigger and better than when we saw it come to Bournemouth earlier this year. Held in… Continue Reading “WWE Birmingham Review”