Swim my little fishes, Swim!

Turtle Tots

It has been a while since I did an update on how the kids are getting on at swimming. Last summer Eliza had a major water wobble after a stand-in teacher made her jump in the deep-end and it took quite a while to get back on track. I have a great relationship with my swim school and they were happy to move her in to a class with Ruth whom I know and trust as she is also Isaac’s swimming… Continue Reading “Swim my little fishes, Swim!”

When my Turtle became a Shark!

Sebastian has been swimming with Turtle Tots since he was a few weeks old and his water confidence keeps going from strength to strength. A few months ago he went through a bit of a wobbly stage about being underwater and was physically resist being put under the water but it seems he is back to his best and is as happy under the water as he is on top of it. If your child is having a wobbly phase… Continue Reading “When my Turtle became a Shark!”

Toddler Swimming Level 3 with Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots

Today was the last lesson of Sebastian’s Turtle Tots Toddler Level 3 class and he turns two tomorrow which means that he has been swimming with them for 21 months now. I always like to document Sebby’s progress and it always impresses me how far he has come along and this class is no exception, however, I think our holiday to Turkey and daily swimming has brought him on even faster. We have been working towards independent swimming since he… Continue Reading “Toddler Swimming Level 3 with Turtle Tots”

Swimming with Turtle Tots and Daddy!

Toddler Swimming

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that we are Konfidence swimologists and have been swimming with Turtle Tots since Sebby was 3 months old and he is a real water baby. Swimming has always been my activity with Sebby every Friday as hubby normally has to work, but last week he was day off so I suggested that he attended the lesson so Sebby could get used to swimming with Daddy before our holiday… Continue Reading “Swimming with Turtle Tots and Daddy!”