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Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice

With young children still at nursery and kids (hopefully) heading back to school on 8th March, it may only be a matter of weeks before you get the dreaded letter home saying head lice have been found on a child. A commonly held frustration by parents is that other parents are knowingly sending their kids to school with head lice and therefore cause the spread, but lice infestations are spread by undetected infestations that can take over a month to discover. A head lice infestation takes time to develop. In its early days an infestation consists of young lice (nymphs) that …

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CBD oil for relaxation and pain treatment

For millennia, cannabis has found its place in the treatment of various pains. Today, the use of cannabidiol for therapeutic purposes continues and has been legalised in more than 24 countries around the world. On the other hand, CBD cannabis is making a revolution in the perception of most people about cannabis in general. Now, in the UK and around Europe, people buy online CBD oil on Justbob And if the WHO gives each local authority the freedom to define the legality or not of its use, more and more patients attribute to it real therapeutic virtues. But then, can …

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Stop Lockdown Skin

It might be strange to talk about lockdown skin as everywhere self-distancing and self-isolation regulations seem to be easing out. However, this doesn’t mean the coronavirus is gone for good. On the contrary, we still need to be as vigilant as ever. The threat hasn’t disappeared. As a result, you can be sure that your stress levels are just as elevated as they were under lockdown. For a lot of people, lockdown skin is a condition that is caused by the combination of stress, change of habits, and potential harmful coping mechanisms. In other words, if you had a strict …

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Vamousse Headlice Treatment

With less than a week until the kids are back to school, it is time to start thinking about everything they need for the new term. I have been busy collecting bits and bobs throughout the summer months to help spread the cost and we did the dreaded shoe shop last week. The boys both chose the first pair of shoes they tried on, but Eliza had to try on every single style of shoe in the shop before making her final decision. Of course, heading back to school doesn’t just mean having a crisp new uniform and sparkling shoes, …

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Philips BlueControl Advance – 2 month update

Back in March I blogged that I was testing the Philips BlueControl Advance – Blue light treatment for plaque psoriasis. The Philips BlueControl Advance device is the worlds first wearable Blue LED Light treatment for treating mild – moderate plaque psoriasis on the arms and legs, and should be used to treat each plaque once per day, with a single treatment taking just 15 minutes. As it is portable, this can be done anywhere, whether sitting at your desk at work, or while sitting watching the television in the evening. In my first post I explained that you don’t see instant results with BlueControl Advance …

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