Travelling with a Baby


Travelling with a baby opens up all sorts of issues but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. I have been really lucky with my kids and they have all been good travellers, some of which is down to luck, but also good planning. My favourite form of transport has to be the car as it is your own space, you can take all the paraphenalia you want to keep the kids entertained and you can stop for a… Continue Reading “Travelling with a Baby”

Premier Inn’s Travel Sleep Tips Campaign

Premier Inn

Premier Inn understands that getting your child into a regular sleep routine can be one of the biggest challenges as a parent and, if you’re staying in an unfamiliar environment such as a hotel, they may become unsettled. They have asked me to share my experiences in getting my children to sleep whilst travelling and staying in unfamiliar accommodation. My first tip is to prepare them for the change in surroundings. Travelling can be hugely exciting and I normally give my… Continue Reading “Premier Inn’s Travel Sleep Tips Campaign”

Travelling by Train with Children

Travelling by Train

Last month I ran a competition with First Hull Trains to win a family ticket for any route on their line and I asked how you keep the children entertained when travelling by train. First Hull Trains have asked me to share all your tips on travelling by train with children, as train journeys can be a little more challenging if you have the small people in tow. One of the most popular comments was to travel light and travel smart!  There is nothing… Continue Reading “Travelling by Train with Children”

Air Travel with a baby in tow

Travelling with children can be a challenge whatever age they are and I have to admit we have got a system that works for us.  We normally travel as a family and the teens, hubby and I normally balance the jobs well and we get to our destinations smoothly with no hiccups. The last time I flew with a young child was 15 years ago when Callan was almost two and I remember it being a challenge as he just… Continue Reading “Air Travel with a baby in tow”

5 Half Term Road Trip Ideas for the Family


Finding things to do for kids during the holidays can be a nightmare. However, there is one idea you might not have considered that will keep the whole family entertained for days. A half term road trip is a great way to pass the time and discover new places. There are plenty of destinations you can head to. Before setting off, make sure you have a reliable car. It could even be worth clicking here to find a used car… Continue Reading “5 Half Term Road Trip Ideas for the Family”