8 Must-Have Essentials for Travelling With Your Cat

Many pet owners cannot stand being away from their furry friends for more than a few hours, much less for days at a time. However, cats aren’t like dogs. They rarely like to travel, as they prefer the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings. Joyrides are not their favourite things, they usually dislike riding in a car for short trips, and cats definitely avoid long ones whenever possible. If you find you want or need to take your cat on vacation with you, certain things help to make the trip easier. Gather the following items before you head …

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Jet 2

Jet2holidays new Bristol base

Although we have decided not to risk going abroad this summer, we are starting to become more confident that overseas travel is becoming safer. We have been looking to get away later this year and have been impressed that more and more local airports are now offering overseas travel. We have looked into travelling with before now, but were disappointed to find they only operated north of London, but now they have added a south-west airport to their list – Bristol. now flies from ten UK bases to a wide range of sun, leisure city and ski destinations. Their famously …

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Review: Celebration of Slytherin At Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

We have visited Warner Bros. Studio Tour a number of times, but when the kids were much younger. Now they are older, they are serious Harry Potter fans, having devoured the books and watched the films several times and have been asking to visit since Eliza’s 9th birthday (she is nearly 11). We were invited to review the Celebration of Slytherin At Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, where you can discover the Slytherin common room for the first time ever. It was excitement overload as we arrived and donned our robes, before heading inside. We worked out that it had actually been …

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How To Plan A Family Holiday On A Budget

aking your family on holiday can be one of the best things you do, especially after a hard year. The summer is the perfect time to get out and explore either your local area or another country abroad. However, when you have a larger family, it can be more difficult to afford the same kind of luxury breaks you might have been able to before. The good news is that it is possible to plan a great family holiday, even when you are on a budget. To help you, we’ve gathered some of our best tips and tricks!  Assess Your …

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Villa Koh Samui

4 Things That Make Every Holiday A Great Memory

When planning your next holiday, you should consider what are the things that would make it the greatest trip you’ve ever had? Usually, we tend to think of the things that would be the key ingredients as a great day out with the kids, a brilliant fine dining experience, watching the sunset at a local hangout place, and trying some of the local cuisines while doing some shopping. Not to mention there are other things like a nice hotel, room service, a smooth ride around town and never worrying about money. Let’s explore the 4 things that would make every …

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