How to prevent Travel Sickness on a Ferry Journey

Stena Line Lagan

Travelling with children can be a tricky business, especially if they are prone to travel sickness. Mine seem to be fine with air and car travel, but when it comes to boats, that is an entirely different matter. Back in February 2016, after a particularly rough ferry crossing from Poole to St Malo, I wrote a post on how to survive a ferry journey with kids, which is consistently one of my most read posts. It took two years to… Continue Reading “How to prevent Travel Sickness on a Ferry Journey”

A Holiday Nightmare

Condor Ferries

My husband had been hinting for years about visiting Normandy and the D-Day beaches that he is fascinated by, so for his birthday last year I booked a family holiday to see them. With money fairly tight I booked to go in February half term as the prices were very reasonable and we are a family that will enjoy activities in pretty much any weather. What I hadn’t considered was the weather for the ferry crossing and the night before… Continue Reading “A Holiday Nightmare”