The Toilet and the Banshee

longdown farm

We have finally cracked it – Eliza is toilet trained! We first attempted toilet training this time last year and it was soon very clear that she was not ready.  We have been trying every couple of months since then and I was starting to despair that she just didn’t understand the feeling of needing to use the toilet. Just before Easter we attempted toilet training again.  We had 3 days of no success but I was determined not to… Continue Reading “The Toilet and the Banshee”

Far too early!

Ever since the clocks changed back in October Isaac and Eliza just don’t seem to be able to sleep past 5.30am and they deliberately wake Sebastian up as they know that I will get up if he is awake.  Now he is also programmed to wake up at that time and its leaving me exhausted. I toyed with the idea of trying to change routines over Christmas but the excitement levels were too high to even think about it.  Now… Continue Reading “Far too early!”