Loom Man's Sneaker

AD: Keep Your Feet Comfy and Dry with LOOM

I am still not quite ready to let go of summer, but we are heading towards Autumn at speed and it will soon be time to pack my trusty sandals away. We love heading out to explore, whatever the weather and always ensure we are prepared for our changeable weather. I have recently been introduced to LOOM Footwear, whose trainers are 100% waterproof – music to my ears. Loom Footwear is available now in men’s and women’s sizes at loomfootwear.com and will keep feet dry even in full submersion. They also feature shock-repellant and temperature-regulated material, making this sneaker an …

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The Major Difference Between Running and Walking Shoes, And Why It Matters

Any walker knows that, when your walking shoes are used up, and it is time to replace them, you will need to bear several things in mind. Walking shoes are an extremely specific breed, as they are purpose-designed for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, and who need specific support across their arches and ankles to support the activity. When you do a lot of walking, your stability point tends to be under the arches and at the back of the foot, so it’s going to take a bit more thinking than just going for the …

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Isaac beach

The perfect shoe for young adventurers

We have been fans of KEEN children’s shoes since we first discovered them in 2016. Their shoes are renowned and respected for comfort, performance, kid friendly features and fun, contemporary styling. With a fantastic range of colours and styles coupled with unique features such as protective toe boxes, robust grippy outsoles and highly cushioned midsoles and arch supports, they are the perfect shoe for young adventurers. It’s been a busy couple of months for KEEN – In March this year, they provided 100,000 pairs, (about $10,000,000 worth of shoes) to those on the front line of the pandemic as part …

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Beam Shoes

Beam Shoes Review

There seems to be a couple of new crazes on the up at school at the moment. For girls it seems to be the rise of something called a JoJo Bow, which is a ridiculously large coloured bow that sits on top of their heads. The other is trainers with light up soles, which look brilliant at school disco / party time! We were sent a pair of Beam Shoes to review for both Isaac and Eliza and they could not wait to try them. Beam Shoes are rechargeable, light up shoes that come with 7 static colour modes; red, green, …

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The Return of Heelys!

Do you remember Heelys? They first came out in the year 2000 but I first remember them being popular around 2004 with both Abbey and Callan owning a pair, along with most of their age group who used to zoom around the aisles in our local supermarket as the floors were perfect for wheeling around. Well now they are back with a vengeance with Proline Skates stocking a colourful range for both boys and girls with several of Isaac’s class coming to school on them and then changing into school footwear once they get to the school gates. If you …

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