Romeo’s Lab Playset Review

Romeo's Lab Playset

PJ Masks is a big deal with Sebby and his friends at the moment and is all about normal children transforming into a brave band of heroes out to save the world, as alter-ego’s Catboy, Gekko and Owlette. Sebby’s favourite ‘bad guy’ is Romeo, a marvel of mechanical mischief and now Sebby can recreate his favourite episodes with Romeo’s Lab playset. There is some minor assembly required as you get the lair out of the box and you will need… Continue Reading “Romeo’s Lab Playset Review”

Ariel Styling Head Review

Ariel Styling Head Disney

Like many girls Eliza’s age, she has suddenly become interested in the way she looks. Since her first visit to a proper hair salon, Eliza has been obsessed with doing her hair and has been practicing putting her hair up and adding pretty clips, bows and bands in her hair. My older daughter, Abbey, is a bit of a whizz with braiding and so has been teaching both Eliza and I the art of the french plait and Elsa’s fishtail… Continue Reading “Ariel Styling Head Review”

ZURU’s Shnooks are now candy scented and sweeter than ever before!

Welcome to Candy Nook at Shnook Brook – a magical place where a rainbow meets a waterfall and where Series 2 candy coloured Shnooks have popped from their bubbles! Shnooks magically grow 8x in size from their unique shnubble-bubble pack! Priced at just £7.99 and available from all major retailers, the new range of Shnooks come in bright candy colours and have sweet-treat scented accessories inside. Each pack contains one of six collectible characters – Berri, Lolli, Bubbles, Mello, Lulu… Continue Reading “ZURU’s Shnooks are now candy scented and sweeter than ever before!”

Explore and play with BABY born this Spring

Baby born

Dolls are going through a real resurgence in popularity with Eliza in our house at the moment and she just loves playing Mum. BABY born invited us to take part in their BABY born sitter campaign, which involved capturing footage of Eliza looking after her new baby boy, Arlo. I always find it funny seeing children take on a parenting role, changing their baby’s nappy, feeding the baby and just generally following in mum & dads footsteps and Eliza is… Continue Reading “Explore and play with BABY born this Spring”

PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers Review

Are you a parent with pre-school children at home and familiar with the adventures of Catboy, Gekko and Owlette? PJ Masks is the latest creation to capture the imagination of children all around the country and is about normal children becoming a brave band of heroes out to save the world. When young friends; Connor, Amaya and Greg put on their pyjamas and activate their animal amulets, they turn into their alter egos; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, before embarking on adventures… Continue Reading “PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers Review”