Getting Sorted!!

If you have ever visited Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, you will know that you can climb onboard the Hogwarts Express, push a trolley through Platform 9¾, learning how to cast spells and even fly on a Nimbus 2000 broomstick, but there is one thing missing…….. You don’t get sorted into a house! It has always been a dream to be sorted into a Hogwarts House and at BlogOn in September, I was introduced to the Harry… Continue Reading “Getting Sorted!!”

Floof – a light and fluffy mouldable material that sticks to itself, just like snow

Sensory toys are big business at the moment, with slime a firm favourite in my house, but with winter well on its way, I have been looking for something else to entertain the kids. Let me introduce you to Floof! Floof is a light and fluffy mouldable material that sticks to itself, just like snow – but without the freezing fingers, making it the perfect stocking filler for a child’s wish for snow over Christmas. Sensory Play activities are vital… Continue Reading “Floof – a light and fluffy mouldable material that sticks to itself, just like snow”

Rusty Rivets Botasaur Review

We were first introduced to Rusty Rivets back in 2017 and Sebastian still loves watching the show now. From the creators of PAW Patrol, Rusty Rivets follows Rusty, a 21st century kid hero who always saves the day by relying on his imagination and incredible resourcefulness. Rusty and his friends go on adventures to help solve problems for their friends: Ruby, a robotic tyrannosaurid named Botasaur and a group of smaller robots called The Bits and we were sent Botasaur to review. With… Continue Reading “Rusty Rivets Botasaur Review”

SmART Sketcher Projector Review

smART sketcher

Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian love to draw. In fact, they each have their own doodle pads which are filled with their sketches. Isaac loves to draw cartoon style characters, whereas Eliza tries her best to portray real life. Sebby on the other hand, is still at the stick people stage and we have to make our best guesses at what he has drawn. We were sent the SmART sketcher Projector to review and the kids couldn’t wait to try it.… Continue Reading “SmART Sketcher Projector Review”

Crate Creatures Surprise – Review

Snort Hog Crate Creature

At the grand old age of 10, Isaac is starting to move away from toys now and prefers to play on his games console, or construct things out of LEGO. Every now and again, however, a toy comes along that catches his imagination and he will play with for hours. We were sent a Crate Creatures Surprise to review and he could not wait to release it from its cage! Even opening the Crate Creatures Surprise is fun, as it… Continue Reading “Crate Creatures Surprise – Review”