WWE at the BIC

This week WWE® brought their unique brand of action packed entertainment to the BIC in Bournemouth and we were there to see it!! We were lucky enough to be sat ringside in a packed out BIC and the Bournemouth crowd were going wild for their favourite stars even before it all began. We didn’t take Isaac (6) along as we though he was too young, but are now regretting it as he would have loved it.  The whole show is pure… Continue Reading “WWE at the BIC”

Funny Business

lee evans

I used to love going to concerts when I was younger. Singing along to my favourite songs, whilst my idols were a few feet away……..then the kids started wanting to come! I remember taking Hubby’s little sister and Abbey to Westlife (don’t judge me), quite a few years back.  They must have been around 9 and 12 years respectively and completely ruined the experience for me……..they didn’t sing or sway along……..they screeched and they screamed the whole way through the… Continue Reading “Funny Business”

Perry the Penguin Challenge

Costa Coffee have just launched a brand new product – Perry the Penguin Gingerbread and to celebrate they invited 10 bloggers to take on the #PerryOnTour challenge which involved taking Perry on our adventures for three days. Perry arrived in style by Eliza’s giant birthday balloon, although I am afraid to say that he didn’t last very long and may have been eaten by the excited birthday girl. Thankfully Perry the Second was happy to step up to the plate… Continue Reading “Perry the Penguin Challenge”