Celebrating Individuality with Fruit Shoot #itsmything

Fruit Shoot

As a family we love to try out new things and visit different places, so when we were invited to take part in the Fruit Shoot ‘It’s my thing’ campaign we jumped at the chance. Fruit Shoot has talked to UK parents who¬†feel that their kids are under pressure to live up to societal expectations and it is getting in the way of their ability to truly express themselves and discover what makes them happiest. As a parent I want… Continue Reading “Celebrating Individuality with Fruit Shoot #itsmything”

Blog Camp at River Cottage

When Tots100 announced they were running a Blog Camp close to home at River Cottage I knew I had to apply to go, but not being a “Foodie” blogger I didn’t think there was much chance of being picked. You can imagine how excited I was when that email to say I was on the list came in and I hurriedly marked it on the calendar to make sure hubby got the day off work. On the morning of the… Continue Reading “Blog Camp at River Cottage”