Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!

Underwater photo

This month HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® has launched a new campaign to inspire parents to reap the many benefits and go swimming more often. The Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime campaign aims to encourage parents to take their little ones swimming from an early age to impart this vital life skill. Katie says: ‘By taking your little one swimming from an early age, it increases their confidence in the water which means that they are safer.  Water safety is… Continue Reading “Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!”

Turtle Tots Level 3

Turtle Tots

Sebastian has been swimming with Turtle Tots Dorset since the age of 4 months and is a real water baby like his older siblings. The first Level of Turtle Tots is all about introducing the babies to the water in a fun and stimulating and laying the foundations for techniques they learn as they progress through the levels.  Sebastian adored his first swimming lesson and looking back I can see how far he has come and I am incredibly proud. Level… Continue Reading “Turtle Tots Level 3”

Butlin’s by the Sea


Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s by the sea Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, is the place to be So when you need a happy holiday And you have time free Come to, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s by the sea We had to sing this little ditty during a performance of Snow White at Centre Stage on the first night of our stay at Butlin’s and it sums up our holiday perfectly. If you are expecting a relaxing holiday, Butlin’s isn’t the place for… Continue Reading “Butlin’s by the Sea”

An underwater adventure

turtle tots

Sebastian has attended baby swimming lessons with Turtle Tots since he was 4 months old and is definitely a water baby.  Nothing seems to phase him, he is happy both underneath and on top of the water and will quite happily float on his back supported by a hand just supporting his head. When #Teamhonkrelay came to Bournemouth Sebastian took Mr B (the baton) for a few laps of the pool to help raise money for Sports Relief.  When we found… Continue Reading “An underwater adventure”