Top Tips for Helping Your Child With Maths

Children are on average more likely to take up a career that involves maths or science if they’re helped along the way by their parents. It may be a stressful subject for them at times, but it does help your child with a lot of other areas in their school career, such as studying science. In this guide from this English Summer School, we take a look at the top tips to help your child when they’re struggling with maths, and ways to motivate yourself in helping them too. Positivity is key You might really enjoy doing maths yourself, or …

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Kids’ Craft Hacks

Crafts are a great way to keep your kids busy, particularly as we’re all spending more time at home than usual. As well as keeping youngsters entertained, crafting can also help to develop their motor skills and enhance their creativity, which makes it a superb way to have fun and optimise their well-being.  Of course, crafts aren’t always the easiest activity to enjoy at home, particularly when you’re the one doing all the cleanup! If you want to simplify the process and make crafts a fun and easy at-home activity for the whole family, take a look at these top …

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5 Great UK Destinations for a Family Getaway this Winter 1

Do You Struggle with the Winter Blues? Try These Tips to Beat Them

Everyone has their favourite season of the year, and for some people that season is winter, but for the majority of people – especially in the UK, winter is a struggle from a mental health perspective. Short, dark and rainy days don’t do much to boost moods, and whilst other countries may enjoy snowy winters that can make for fun days, the UK doesn’t really get lucky in this area, and when we do get snow, it tends to be more of a hassle than something that’s welcome. If you’re one of the ones who struggle with the winter and …

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Fresh Food

Top tips on how to reduce food waste

Did you know that every year, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food? This works out at a staggering £12 billion, and much of what we discard could have been eaten. Reducing food waste is so simple, and if you follow these tips below, not only will you spend less money on food (because what you buy will go further), but you’ll also be doing your bit to help the environment. Be smart when unpacking food When you unpack your weekly shop, don’t just put the new items in front (or on top) of what’s already in your fridge …

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What families can do to join the fight against Superbugs

It is that time of year when the kids seem to pick up every cough and cold going – in fact, within the first couple of weeks of being back at school mine all went down with a cough and cold. Kids have a strong tendency to spread germs, especially at school as they touch surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose and mouths and although it is perfectly OK to send them to school with a minor cough or cold, there are some hints and tips to stop them spreading their germs which can be taught from an early age. Good Hygiene I work …

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