Must have DIY tools for your tool box

Tool Box

It used to be a bit of a running joke that my husband should not be allowed to do any DIY in the house as things had a tendency to go awry. Thankfully a couple of stints working for businesses that specialise in home improvement  have improved his skills no-end and now he actually enjoys tinkering with things that need fixing around the house. It also means that he is busily expanding his tool collection and he now gets excited… Continue Reading “Must have DIY tools for your tool box”

Social Media and Business


I have been using twitter since 2009 and Facebook even longer and can normally pick up social media sites relatively easily. At the beginning of the year I was asked to join a local networking group, Lemur Linkup, which is a child friendly business network hosted at Lemur Landings Soft Play Centre in Dorset, alongside Emma from ThePRMummy and Joanne from Charliemoos. We are all busy Mums with blogs and businesses and we all know how difficult, sometimes frustrating and lonely it… Continue Reading “Social Media and Business”