A Visit to Dynamic Earth – Edinburgh

A Visit to Dynamic Earth - Edinburgh

On our final day of our visit to Scotland we let the kids decide where they wanted to visit and they all chose to return to Edinburgh as they wanted to go to Dynamic Earth. I bargained for a walk up Arthur’s Seat with them first as Dynamic Earth is part of the Holyrood estate and is sat at the base of the hill, next door to the Scottish Parliament building. Thankfully the cost of parking was a lot more… Continue Reading “A Visit to Dynamic Earth – Edinburgh”

Term Time Absence – What’s the Problem?


Should it be possible for parents to remove their children from school during term time? With a recent toughening up of the rules on term-time absences, this issue is once again in the spotlight. We look at what is – and what isn’t considered acceptable under the latest guidelines. We also consider the possibility of a more flexible approach. When are term time absences permitted? Parents do not have a legal right to take their children out of school for… Continue Reading “Term Time Absence – What’s the Problem?”

See your future at IKEA


IKEA LAUNCHES NEW CATALOGUE WITH A TIME TRAVEL EXPERIMENT To highlight that life happens everyday, IKEA let young couples sneak peak into the future and experience life-changing everyday events in advance. A couple of months ago, IKEA collaborated with world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz to help young couples experience their products and solutions, in the future. Tranz, with over 6,000 stage shows in Vegas on his resume, quickly turned the IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms into a stage and passers into a… Continue Reading “See your future at IKEA”

A Little Bit of Rope

Bournemouth Beach

At 13, Kian is starting to become ever more independent and often doesn’t want to join us on days out with the little ones, even though he has a fab time when we are there. The trouble is, if I let him stay at home you can guarantee that he won’t move from the Xbox or laptop so I normally end up insisting he comes along. Hubby and I were always out as kids and were always outside come rain… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Rope”

A really wild time at Studland

Last year we were introduced Dan thanks to a Fathers Day trip aboard Poole Sea Safari and being intrigued by people jumping off cliffs into the sea.  After a few tweets asking what they were doing we discovered Coasteering and Studland Sea School. We had a summer of fun with Dan and his team on the Studland beaches.  All the boys got to go Kayaking whilst I got to explore the beach with the youngest two, so when he contacted me… Continue Reading “A really wild time at Studland”