Bournemouth Air Festival 2015

Bournemouth Air Fest

We look forward to Bournemouth Air Festival every year and this year’s event was even more special as it was to be the last time we saw the mighty Vulcan Bomber fly through the skies over Bournemouth Bay. If you have not heard of Bournemouth Air Festival before, it is a FREE 4 day event showcasing our fabulous armed forces with beach landings, the Royal Navy out to sea, The Army with some of their vehicles lined up to explore… Continue Reading “Bournemouth Air Festival 2015”

The Big Holiday Debate

Mike Wasowski

I have been watching the debate on holiday firms effectively “cashing in” in school holidays unfold with interest. I may be controversial but I really don’t think they are cashing in. ¬†They are a business like any other and are simply responding to supply and demand. If you want to go on holiday in the height of summer, ie. July / August, the rest of Europe is also on holiday too, making the demand for hotels and flights high. ¬†Many… Continue Reading “The Big Holiday Debate”