Educational Activities to do with Kids While Stuck at Home

Whilst the whole world is under lockdown, and we all have a lot of free time available right now, it’s a great idea to use it wisely and learn some new skills, or take part in educational activities with your kids. Not only will it benefit them in the future, but it will also help to stop the infamous words “I’m bored” being uttered every five seconds. Here are some worthwhile activities you could all take part in, as a family. Learning a new language – Knowing how to speak in another language is a great skill for your children’s …

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AD: The Christmas 2019 Gift Guide – Teenage Boy Edition

Buying Christmas seems to get more challenging as the kids get older. As babies and young children, you know exactly what they know and love. In our case, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam featured fairly heavily on Christmas lists for a few years. Fast forward to their teenage years and it becomes a minefield, especially since the days of topping up their present list with DVD’s and CD’s is long gone. Nowadays, the teen wish list (if you can get any sense of them) is all tech, games and gadgets, which can end up costing …

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Bristol University

Meningitis Awareness #24youhavethepower

Post sponsored by Pfizer When you become a parent, one of the first things you are struck by is how to keep your little bundle of joy, safe and well. I have always said you need a flashing pink light on top of your car to indicate you have a newborn baby in the car for their first journey home – perhaps the most nerve-wracking car ride of your whole life! Once you are home and settled into a routine, you then have the dreaded immunisations to look forward to. It is an uncomfortable thing to watch, however, ensuring your …

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Dorset Waterpark

A Day out at Dorset Waterpark

Now the kids have broken up from school I am busy looking for things to keep them occupied during the school holiday’s and what is better than a huge inflatable Woodland Waterpark overlooking Corfe Castle. We were invited to try out Dorset Waterpark which is situated in Corfe, Dorset with stunning views of Corfe Castle which overlooks the park. The course includes giant 70ft inflatable to run around, balance beams, towers to jump off, slides, a trampoline, gladiator rings, hurdles, rollers, monkey bars, bridges, balance beams and loads more. Participants must be aged 6+, over 110cm in height and able to swim …

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Job Hunting

How to hunt for a job when you’re 15¾

Job hunting is stressful at any age, but when you are a school leaver it is extra daunting. Kian finished his GCSE’s last week and now his thoughts have turned to finding a summer job. Well, when I say his thoughts, it is something his Dad and I both think is important for a number of reasons. a) We cannot afford to fund his summer holiday activities b) It teaches and instills a good work ethic c) It looks good on his CV Both his Dad and I had weekend jobs by the age of 12 and whilst I understand …

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