A teenage milestone – learning to shave!


When the babies are first born and throughout the first year milestones happen almost every other week, but as they get older things slow down a lot. Last week the teen finally reached a milestone that we have been trying to persuade him to do over the summer – start shaving. It sort of crept up on us at first, but the caterpillar above his top lip kept growing, getting darker and more noticeable. We subtly bought him his own… Continue Reading “A teenage milestone – learning to shave!”

Children’s Health at School


When you have a baby it is common to have them regularly weighed and measured to track their progress and during these times you can chat to a Health Visitor about the childs progress and any concerns you may have. As they get older these checks diminish. Sebastian recently underwent a two year check and with the exception of his speech he is perfectly average and as we speak his speech has come of leaps and bounds since. Eliza has… Continue Reading “Children’s Health at School”

Teenage School Uniform from Trutex

Trutex school Uniform

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am struggling finding clothes for my soon to be 15 year old as he is at that awkward stage between boys clothes and mens. I didn’t think School Uniform would be an issue as most ranges, even supermarkets, do go up into teenage sizes but trying to find trousers that fit was becoming a real issue.  Thankfully Trutex came to my rescue. Trutex is the leading brand in school uniform and… Continue Reading “Teenage School Uniform from Trutex”

The Project Climbing Centre in Poole

The Project Climbing Centre Poole

I am very proud of our local area and all the facilities it has to offer so when I was approached to review The Project Climbing Centre in Poole I was embarrassed to admit I didn’t know it was there. The Project Climbing Centre is hidden away in Poole Dolphin Centre where the old Sports Centre used to be and boasts an incredible area for climbing, with over 1500 square metres of floor space and 10 metres of height. Currently there… Continue Reading “The Project Climbing Centre in Poole”