Is It Time Your Teenagers Learnt About Money?


Teenage children can be a challenge. Not just because of hormones or behaviour, some of us have perfect children that give us no trouble at all. The challenges can come due to knowing when it’s the right time to give your kids more responsibility.  This could be anything from allowing them to stay out later, to choosing their bedtimes. It could be letting them stay in the house for a night when you aren’t there, or maybe, it’s helping them… Continue Reading “Is It Time Your Teenagers Learnt About Money?”

How Divorce Affects your Teenager’s Life and Leaves Lasting Scars


Breaking up of a family is traumatic for parents but more for kids. Children of all ages suffer from long term effects of their parent’s divorce. Since it’s the parent’s duty to provide their children with a safe home, they are accountable for failing this responsibility. However, that is not to say that parents shouldn’t get divorce, some separations are better and healthier for all individuals involved in the long run.  An experienced Galveston legal separation lawyer might be able… Continue Reading “How Divorce Affects your Teenager’s Life and Leaves Lasting Scars”

A-Level Results are in – what happens next?


Studying at university is a big decision for any young person. In the last few months we have been on university open days, Kian has made first and second choices, got through exam season, made his accommodation choices and is now on the final few stressful days until the results come in. What happens next? A-Level & BTech results day is 16th August at school / college. You will be able to see online at whether you have a… Continue Reading “A-Level Results are in – what happens next?”

#iwill – Making social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds

Having got two children through their teenage years and with another going through it, there is one thing that frustrates me no-end. Lack of meaningful work for teenagers. Most companies will not employ a young person before they have officially reached school-leaving age due to the many employment restrictions on young workers, which therefore means that young people cannot find employment until after the last Friday of June of the school year in which they are 16. I remember having… Continue Reading “#iwill – Making social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds”

Keeping kids being mobile safe at school

Mobile Phone

I am often asked at what age we gave the kids their own mobile phone. In my mind, the perfect age is when the kids start secondary school at the age of 11 as they start walking to school by themselves and means they can get hold of me if there is a problem, or I can reach them if I am worrying because they are running late. When Abbey and Callan were younger, mobile phones were used to make… Continue Reading “Keeping kids being mobile safe at school”