31st State – the UK’s first skincare line designed for teenage boys

Like many teenage boys, Kian suffers from greasy hair and skin breakouts and we have been on the hunt for a skin care range that doesn’t irritate his sensitive skin. We were invited to try 31st State, a new skin, body and haircare range designed especially for teenage boys with a vibe that is pure Californian which has recently launched in the UK. Inspired by the natural and effortless lifestyle of the West Coast, 31st State has been developed to help teenage boys… Continue Reading “31st State – the UK’s first skincare line designed for teenage boys”

Dear Teenager………..


Over the Christmas holidays my two teenage boys spent more time together than they have in a long time and it seems that their bad habits seem to have rubbed off on one another. I do feel like I am constantly nagging them in one way or another and am normally met with a grunt which actually means “I will do it later”, although later never seems to come or just a roll of the eyes and a shrug of… Continue Reading “Dear Teenager………..”

Helping your teen deal with a break-up


Parenting teens can be really hard.  Not only are there all the emotions to contend with but life does get more complicated the older you get and when you add a first love in the mix! Most of us can remember how painfully sad we felt after our first breakup.  I know I certainly didn’t take it well and went to pieces with my mum and step-dad unhelpfully telling me it wasn’t real love and there was plenty more fish… Continue Reading “Helping your teen deal with a break-up”