Keeping kids being mobile safe at school

Mobile Phone

I am often asked at what age we gave the kids their own mobile phone. In my mind, the perfect age is when the kids start secondary school at the age of 11 as they start walking to school by themselves and means they can get hold of me if there is a problem, or I can reach them if I am worrying because they are running late. When Abbey and Callan were younger, mobile phones were used to make… Continue Reading “Keeping kids being mobile safe at school”

How Technology Helps Me Parent

Kingston Lacy Bluebells

The pressures to be the ‘perfect’ parent is always on the back of our minds, especially when becoming a first-time mother. There are no right or wrong way or no official ‘manual’ on how to parents however there are so many products on the market now that have changed the way we parent. From automated rocking chairs and video baby monitors, there are hundreds of thousands of products out there it can be hard to decide which ones would suit… Continue Reading “How Technology Helps Me Parent”

Is Your Kid Smartphone Addict? 5 Tips to Cure Them!


As we make detoxification for alcohol or drugs, today, we need to consider cures to break away from this handy little gadget called smartphone. To begin, you must know the symptoms of smartphone addiction first. Here are some explained! Symptoms of Smartphone addiction: Symptoms of addiction smartphone can vary from individual to individual, and may include: Anxiety and thoughts turned only to smartphone compulsive and excessive use of smartphone connection time too long Irritability, nervousness or impatience without the smartphone Once… Continue Reading “Is Your Kid Smartphone Addict? 5 Tips to Cure Them!”

Technology for all the family

Nintendo 2DS

With every generation comes new and unforeseen challenges. From the perils of rock’n’roll in the 1950s, to the scare stories of video nasties in the 1980s, there always seems to be something new and threatening to a child’s upbringing. And in the 21st century, the internet has offered an incredible range of opportunities for learning and entertainment. But although getting your child acquainted with these new technologies is undoubtedly an integral part of their growing up experience, it’s important to… Continue Reading “Technology for all the family”

The Bat in the Belfry


I am finding the teen a real struggle these summer holidays! Not because he is naughty, or under my feet, or rude, but because he is choosing to spend ALL his time in his bedroom like a bat in a Belfry, only appearing for food or a drink. Try as I might to get him to phone his friends and arrange to go out, he just won’t do it and getting him out the house is like pulling teeth! Much… Continue Reading “The Bat in the Belfry”