Thank a teacher this Christmas!

Most of us has had at least one teacher that we really remember. One that has found a hidden talent, encouraged us on when all we wanted to do was give up or given us the inspiration to try something new. School hasn’t always been easy for Isaac and I lost count of the number of times I was called into the head teachers office or the classroom because of his poor behaviour. In Year 6 something changed. As with… Continue Reading “Thank a teacher this Christmas!”

Turning a corner!


Isaac doesn’t have the best record at school and I have been ‘that‘ parent who the teacher wants to have a word with at the end of the day or called into school more times than I would like to admit. In fact it got to the stage where I dreaded the phone ringing or making the trip to collect him from school. We did get to the stage at the end of last year where we considered changing his… Continue Reading “Turning a corner!”

The Night Zookeeper School Visit – Inspiring Young Readers and Writers

Back in January we reviewed the Night Zookeeper book and Isaac and I were so impressed with it that we told the school all about the book and the school tour in the hope that they would invite them to our school, which they did. Yesterday Paul (the Night Zookeeper) visited our school with a mission to inspire the kids to use their imaginations and he did just that. I was lucky enough to sit in with each class as he… Continue Reading “The Night Zookeeper School Visit – Inspiring Young Readers and Writers”

Parents Evening Highs & Back to Earth with a Bump!


It has been a week of parents evenings and they have gone surprisingly well. I have to admit that I expected the teen to have a good one as he loves school and works hard.  Teen parents evenings are hard work though as you don’t have a brief chat with one teacher like you do at Primary School! Booking to see all his teachers on the new online system was impossible as the system didn’t recognise his name, form or… Continue Reading “Parents Evening Highs & Back to Earth with a Bump!”

The Attention Seeker


I was lulled in to a false sense of security at the beginning of term. Isaac had a really up and down year of school last year and I worked closely with his then teacher to try and help him focus in the classroom. This year started so well, with his new teacher remarking how grown up he was in comparison to last year and he was even awarded a respect badge. His behaviour started to go downhill just before… Continue Reading “The Attention Seeker”