The HP Are We There Yet? Challenge

Pavilion 360

Back at Easter we were invited to an HP event to showcase their printer capability.  Of course you also need computers to operate these printers and we were really impressed with their range of devices on display. One of these was the HP Pavilion x360 which easily converts from notebook, to stand, to tablet mode.  With optimised touchscreen performance and BeatsAudio, all your productivity and entertainment needs are at your fingertips and having not seen anything like it before and it… Continue Reading “The HP Are We There Yet? Challenge”

BT Smart Home Cam 100 Review

The Smart Home Cam 100 is a small home security device that you can install in your home to give you peace of mind when you are out and about. The device features a high-definition camera, motion detection and night vision and can send alerts to a dedicated app on your phone meaning you will know if something is going on in your home that shouldn’t be immediately. Apart from spotting potential burglars there are more fun uses such as… Continue Reading “BT Smart Home Cam 100 Review”