Little Friends: Dogs & Cats for the Nintendo Switch – Review

Nintendo Switch Cats and Dogs

When my older children were little, portable gaming was all about the Nintendo DS and the PSP. One of their favourite games was Nintendogs and Cats which allowed the player to get their own pet, look after it as well as to use various items that can be found or purchased. Now it’s time for Isaac, Eliza and Sebby to meet their new best friend! Indie game publisher Sold Out brings virtual pet simulator Little Friends: Dogs & Cats to… Continue Reading “Little Friends: Dogs & Cats for the Nintendo Switch – Review”

Nintendo Labo Review

Nintendo Switch Labo

We were first introduced to the Nintendo Switch at Brick Live 2017 and it immediately went to the top of the kids Christmas list. Thankfully Father Christmas got their letters and delivered it under the tree and immediately overtook the Xbox 360 and the Wii U as their favourite games console, thanks to its quirky games and ease of use. We started out with Arms, Just Dance 2018, Mario Odyssey and have been gradually adding games to the collection over… Continue Reading “Nintendo Labo Review”

Switching Energy Suppliers #PowerToSwitch

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut with all those essential utility bills that you almost forget they are there and just let them renew year on year, but have you asked yourself if you are getting the best deal? I looked into this last year as our current energy plan was up for renewal and it was the best move I have made so far. Being a techy family I like to know when and where… Continue Reading “Switching Energy Suppliers #PowerToSwitch”