Sunshine Holiday

Getting Winter Sun Ready with Simply Beach

If the weather forecasts are to be believed, we are on the verge of another Beast from the East, which caused freezing temperatures and snowfall all across the country last March. It has certainly got me craving warmer temperatures and if you are lucky to be escaping somewhere warm this winter, then I have some winter sun essentials just for you! Winter Sun Essentials Sun Cream The last thing you expect to be shopping for in January is sun cream, but it is vital you are prepared for the warm sunshine, as chances are your body hasn’t seen much natural …

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Zoggs Body Board

Zoggs – Swimming with Superheroes

My kids love swimming! Living near the sea it is a skill I have always insisted they learn from an early age and they have all swam since babies. Isaac and Eliza are now both swimming for a swimming club, up to four times a week, which means I need to find them costumes that will not only keep their colour, but also keep their shape. I have been a fan of Zoggs swimwear since Isaac started swimming as a baby. Available in 50 countries, their swimwear, goggles, learning aids and training accessories are made to stand up to the …

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Swimwear and Shorts for the Boys

Summer is nearly here, which means we are busy planning days out, our vacation and things to keep the kids happy during the school breaks. We are really looking forward to spending time as a family doing more activities together, but this is keeping us busy. One of the things we are planning to do in the next couple of weeks is to go out and buy everyone new summer clothes. The kids are growing fast, so a lot of the clothes they used last year are not going to fit. We know we have to get them kitted out …

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The New Swimwear and Sun Safe Range from Frugi

I am very fair skinned and one sign of the sun and I burn unless I smother myself in suncream. I am very concious of the kids being out in the sun and have always prided myself in ensuring they are well covered in UV suits and sun cream so I was super excited when one of my favourite clothing brands, Frugi, launched their new Sun Safe Range for kids. If you have not heard of Frugi before they are a UK based company that designs clothes that children really do love to wear with great designs, vibrant colours and cute …

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Konfidence UV Suits Review

Living on the coast means we spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer and there are two things that I would never be without – UV swimwear and sun cream! Protection from the sun started when I was a child.  I have very pale skin and just a few minutes in the sun would cause me to burn, so have always covered myself up as it is the best way to prevent sun damage for all ages and I have carried this on to my children.  It seems being #sunsmart is finally the cool thing to do and Konfidence …

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