Our Spring Swimming Update


Back in January, Isaac and Eliza took part in a club run swimming gala. At 8 years old, Eliza isn’t allowed to compete outside the club so we are restricted to events run by Swim Bournemouth. Isaac, on the other hand, is able to compete and had improved his time so much that he was able to compete in his first Level 3 meet this weekend. We headed to Millfield School in Street, Somerset on Friday night, ready for an… Continue Reading “Our Spring Swimming Update”

Eliza’s First Swimming Gala


Back in May last year, Eliza joined Isaac at Swim Bournemouth in their Juniors section, with the idea that they both swim together at the same time to reduce the amount of time I spend sat beside a swimming pool. That lasted all of three months as Isaac moved up to the County Potential squad in the summer, meaning I now spend everyday at a swimming pool with one of them. It was, however, a move I do not regret… Continue Reading “Eliza’s First Swimming Gala”

An evening at Coral Reef Waterworld with Zoggs

Batman Hat

My kids love swimming and have been swimming since they were babies. Both Isaac and Eliza now swim with Swim Bournemouth swimming club, where they both train 4 hours a week each, so having swimwear that will withstand the pool conditions and keeps looking good is vital for us. We are big fans of Zoggs swimwear and accessories which include goggles, learning aids and training accessories, all made to stand up to the Australian sun, sea and swimming pools. Last… Continue Reading “An evening at Coral Reef Waterworld with Zoggs”

Pool Safety – Your Guide to Staying Safe Around the Pool


With the beautiful hot summer we recently enjoyed in the UK, many more families took the plunge – literally, in many cases! – and invested in a family pool in the back garden. A semi-permanent feature, they allowed everyone to enjoy the sunshine but staying cool at the same time. There is no denying how fantastic a pool in the back garden is but have you considered all the safety aspects? Accidents happen No one wants to be a killjoy… Continue Reading “Pool Safety – Your Guide to Staying Safe Around the Pool”

Zoggs – Swimming with Superheroes

Zoggs Body Board

My kids love swimming! Living near the sea it is a skill I have always insisted they learn from an early age and they have all swam since babies. Isaac and Eliza are now both swimming for a swimming club, up to four times a week, which means I need to find them costumes that will not only keep their colour, but also keep their shape. I have been a fan of Zoggs swimwear since Isaac started swimming as a… Continue Reading “Zoggs – Swimming with Superheroes”