Swimsafe with the ASA and RNLI at Shore Road


I am a firm believer that all children should learn to swim and as we live by the coast it is especially important for mine to understand the differences of swimming in open water to that of a swimming pool. Whether by the sea, river or lake, the skills involved in keeping safe in open water are different to those in an indoor pool, where most swimming lessons take place. The ASA and the RNLI run the Swim Safe programme of improver… Continue Reading “Swimsafe with the ASA and RNLI at Shore Road”

A bad case of the water wobbles!

Underwater photo

My kids love the water, well they have to with a surname like ours, but we have had our fair share of water wobbles along the way with my normally confident Eliza currently having a very rocky patch. A water wobble is a dip in water confidence and are very common with babies and young children who can suddenly stop enjoying their classes. They exhibit themselves in various ways; Sebby went through a stage of a quiet show of unwillingness to… Continue Reading “A bad case of the water wobbles!”