Vegan Confectionery: What You Can Eat & Where You Can Buy It


When someone mentions the vegan lifestyle, you probably know right away what it entails. There are foods you cannot eat in order to stay true to that kind of a lifestyle and when you decide to become vegan, it means that you are probably okay with not eating those foods. Yet, one thing rarely crosses people’s minds when this lifestyle is mentioned. I’m talking about sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, then it’s highly unlikely that you will just… Continue Reading “Vegan Confectionery: What You Can Eat & Where You Can Buy It”

Celebrating 90 years of Swizzels with the Sweetest Invention

Swizzels Sweetest Invention

Everyone loves sweets………yes? When I was younger I was desperate to work in a sweetie factory, inspired by Caractacus Potts and his ‘Toot Sweets’ from my favourite childhood film; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Sadly, my childhood wish never came true, but it still could! To celebrate 90 years of sweet inventions including the mighty Drumstick, iconic Love Hearts and best-selling Squashies, Swizzels are challenging YOU to create a brand new sweet for them to make in their factory, and the prize is a… Continue Reading “Celebrating 90 years of Swizzels with the Sweetest Invention”

Sweets from around the world!


We probably all have those same sweets we can’t help but reach for every time we go in our local shop. Our favourite sweets are often either a treat that we allow ourselves to have every now and again, or we indulge in them whenever we can get our hands on them! Sweets are great to enjoy by ourselves curled up in front of the television, or even as a gift if you know their favourites! Our shops are always… Continue Reading “Sweets from around the world!”