Be kind to shop workers during this difficult time


I spent 16 years working in retail and have many friends still working for supermarkets or in other retail environments. Hard times such as the one we are going through at the moment can bring out the best in human nature, but also the worst and some ex-colleagues are having a tough time. In light of recent events, it feels like the #bekind movement was a long time ago, but in reality it is just a few weeks and it… Continue Reading “Be kind to shop workers during this difficult time”

Trolley Bags – Making Shopping Easier

Trolley Bags

I spent 16 years working in a supermarket with much of time being spent around the checkouts or in the home shopping department where packing other people’s shopping was common place. In fact I consider myself a bit of an expert shopping packer and still use the “home shopping knot” when packing our own shopping as it stops the contents of the bag falling out all over the back of the car and is easy to undo again. Shopping isn’t… Continue Reading “Trolley Bags – Making Shopping Easier”

Supermarkets do Home Decor

We moved into our house 9 years ago, having bought it as a “doer up project”. ┬áThere was nothing hugely wrong with it as it was mostly cosmetic but we never envisaged just how much it would cost and 9 years on we still haven’t finished. When we moved in our bedroom was a rusty orange colour so one of my first jobs was to throw a coat of magnolia paint on the walls with the view to decorating properly… Continue Reading “Supermarkets do Home Decor”