Konfidence UV Suits Review

Living on the coast means we spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer and there are two things that I would never be without – UV swimwear and sun cream! Protection from the sun started when I was a child.  I have very pale skin and just a few minutes in the sun would cause me to burn, so have always covered myself up as it is the best way to prevent sun damage for all ages… Continue Reading “Konfidence UV Suits Review”

Win a Tweedmill Bright Spotted Fleece Picnic Rug

I have been a fan and a customer of The Beach Factory since 2012. All my children have UV Sun Protection suits / tops from there, which they lived in throughout the summer months. The tops / suits have protected them on our many visits to the beach in the summer months and when the older boys went kayaking / coasteering along the Dorset coast. The Beach Factory don’t just sell UV Protection wear.  They are your one-stop shop for… Continue Reading “Win a Tweedmill Bright Spotted Fleece Picnic Rug”