#Win a soothing bedtime pack with Sudocrem

Soothing Bedtime Pack

Few know that the word Sudocrem actually evolved from an Irish pronunciation of ‘soothing cream’ – it’s true! Britain’s number one nappy cream was invented in Dublin all the way back in 1931 by a pharmacist named Professor Thomas Smith and, after 88 years, the product is still going strong. So much so in fact, that this May, Sudocrem unveils a new advertising campaign which is all about soothing.  With pandas practicing tai chi, the most soothing form of martial… Continue Reading “#Win a soothing bedtime pack with Sudocrem”

Get out and grow with Sudocrem

GOAG Goody Bag Final

There are over 2,500 varieties of apple grown in the UK alone, yet a recent study has found that less than 10% of British children can name even one of them.  It is proven that a childhood spent outdoors helps children to grow up healthier and happier, but new research shows that gardening and picking apples has become a pastime that’s as antiquated as hopscotch. Whilst 87% of British households do have a garden, it’s clear growing isn’t something that… Continue Reading “Get out and grow with Sudocrem”

Celebrating Changing Rooms for Everyone


Five years after launching the first Baby Changing Room Awards and sponsoring the National Childbirth Trust Baby Change App, Britain’s leading nappy cream brand Sudocrem is once again pioneering the way with a new category to recognise the importance of Changing Places toilets for disabled children. There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK but only 1058 Changing Places toilets to meet their needs. This means that parents like Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody, 5, suffers from GDD, epilepsy, hypermobility… Continue Reading “Celebrating Changing Rooms for Everyone”

Beat the Sudocrem Christmas Chaos game for the chance to #WIN BIG!

Sudocrem has launched a brand new game for Christmas and are giving away £100s worth ofinstant prizes! In this exciting mobile Facebook game, users are asked to save the North Pole from the Nappy Rash Gremlins. To stop the gremlins, users must tap the parachutes to stop them in their tracks and earn points! If users manage to collect enough points they could win an INSTANT prize! That’s not all! The Nappy Rash Gremlins have been joined by two new… Continue Reading “Beat the Sudocrem Christmas Chaos game for the chance to #WIN BIG!”

Win one of three Sudocrem Goody Bags and another chance to #win a spa day!


Family favourite brand Sudocrem is offering mums the chance to win a luxury spa weekend for 6 people. Set in a mobile friendly app, this fun competition is set to get social media fans chatting across Facebook and beyond. Users simply have to select a group of 5 friends to match the pre-set mummy types, which include Domestic Goddess, Glamour-Puss, New-mum or Mum-to-be, Super Mum and Gym Mummy! How to play Visit the Sudocrem Facebook page and then visit the… Continue Reading “Win one of three Sudocrem Goody Bags and another chance to #win a spa day!”