Isaac Mountain Bike

Cycle More Challenge with Sudocrem

Cycling is a sport we love to do as a family and as the kids get more confident, we go a little bit further each time. After the success of their fundraising initiative with premature baby charity, Ickle Pickles last year, Sudocrem are doing another this year – this time based around the idea of getting families into cycling. Last year, a huge cycling boom during lockdown was reported, with families taking up the sport as a result of basically not being able to do much else! This year, Sudocrem, in partnership with Ickle Pickles, Cycle UK, Dame Sarah Storey …

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Win a My Little Sudocrem Pots themed for Christmas

It is often joked that if we are out with friends and one of the kids has an injury, it will always be me with the full first aid kit in my bag. As well as plasters, bite treatment and bandages, the other thing in my first aid kit is a My Little Sudocrem Pot. My Little Sudocrem is a versatile skin care cream that is gentle and caring and can be used by anyone from parents to teenagers, runners to cyclists, mountaineers to urban explorers and everyone inbetween! The handy size pot makes it ideal for a variety of uses …

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Ickle Pickles Sudocrem

Soothing the smallest campaign from Sudocrem

Every year, 1 in 8 babies are born prematurely, that’s 100,000 babies every single year. These babies need to spend weeks, sometimes months, in neonatal care units before they are strong enough to leave. Neonatal intensive care costs the NHS £1,500 per day and many hospitals do not have the equipment to care for extremely preterm babies. This summer, Sudocrem and premature baby charity ‘Ickle Pickles are teaming up to raise funds for the vital neonatal equipment premature babies so desperately need. In honour of the partnership a new, limited edition pot of ‘My ‘Ickle Sudocrem’ has been created and …

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Sebby Back to the Garden

Going Back to the Garden with Sudocrem

As you know I’ve been working on the Back to the Garden campaign with Sudocem during lockdown. It’s a great little project that aims to encourage children to get into the garden during this period, when they can’t attend school. We think getting outside to plant some seeds and grow herbs, vegetables and plants is a great way to pass the time, because it’s healthy, it teaches kids about where food and comes from and it’s something that they don’t normally learn about in the classroom. Last month, I ran a competition here on my blog, where you could be …

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Back to the Garden Sudocrem logo-150 dpi

Back to the Garden with Sudocrem

Like many families, we have resumed schoolwork with the kids this week. The work set by the school does not fill the day, and we are trying to reduce the amount of time spent on technology, which means that we have been looking for new ways to spend our time at home. One thing the kids love to get involved with is gardening as planting seeds and getting your hands dirty is a fantastic way of learning about science and nature. This spring, Sudocrem are teaming up with Britain’s top gardeners for Back to the Garden, a nationwide gardening project …

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