Amazing fun for all the family with Stomp Rockets

Stomp Rocket Box

As we roar through the month of September, I have now turned my thoughts to Christmas. Like many families, our income has changed dramatically thanks to Coronavirus and although I have always had a strict budget for Christmas, this year it has got even tighter. I am a big fan of toys that encourage learning through fun and one toy that really stood the test of time throughout lockdown and the summer holidays was our Stomp Rocket and the added… Continue Reading “Amazing fun for all the family with Stomp Rockets”

Review: New Magicubes from Geomag

I was first reviewed Magicubes back in February and the kids loved playing with them. They are also a huge hit with the kids at the pre-school where I work and we since added to the collection with several sets or different designs, from plain colours to shape matching and even Paw Patrol sets. Magicube is a magnetic construction system that has turned the classic cube into something “magical” and I was keen to see what my granddaughter, Lilah (8… Continue Reading “Review: New Magicubes from Geomag”

Project Mc2 Pixel Purse Review

Pixel Purse

Netflix’s Project Mc2  is one of Eliza’s favourite television series. It is set in a fictional city called Maywood Glen, California, and revolves around the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). The series follows the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her best friends, who work for a government organisation called NOV8 (pronounced “innovate”), a highly secretive group of teenage female government operatives who are trying to protect the world. These super-smart girls become secret agents who use their… Continue Reading “Project Mc2 Pixel Purse Review”