Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit

Secret Science Set

At the age of 9, Eliza is at the age where she loves doing science experiments as well as crafting things to gift to her friends, so when we were sent the Secret Science Kit to review, I knew she would love it. This top secret science set will help kids to explore and learn about coding, circuitry and secret messaging with 8 amazing top secret activities. Secret Science Activities The set comes with clear instructions about how to conduct all… Continue Reading “Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit”

SmART Sketcher Projector Review

smART sketcher

Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian love to draw. In fact, they each have their own doodle pads which are filled with their sketches. Isaac loves to draw cartoon style characters, whereas Eliza tries her best to portray real life. Sebby on the other hand, is still at the stick people stage and we have to make our best guesses at what he has drawn. We were sent the SmART sketcher Projector to review and the kids couldn’t wait to try it.… Continue Reading “SmART Sketcher Projector Review”