How to spring clean your home

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Cleaning your entire house from start to finish – all at one go is overwhelming for most people. But just like any other overwhelming task, you will find this one a lot easier to tackle if you break it down into smaller activities. Spring cleaning your home is not only a great exercise to practice, but it is also beneficial to your mental well being. It helps you do the annual decluttering and getting rid of everything you don’t need,… Continue Reading “How to spring clean your home”

8 Cleaning habits for your physical and mental well being


A clean home helps us stay well and healthy. We have compiled a list of 8 simple habits to maintain your physical and mental well being. 1. Shoes off at the door Taking your shoes off at the door is a small habit that can have a big impact on your home! It will make your home healthier and safer. A study carried at the University of Arizona found an average of 421,000 bacteria can be found on our shoes!… Continue Reading “8 Cleaning habits for your physical and mental well being”

Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx


Well another season is hot footing it away and there is a positively autumnal feel to the air now so it is time to start thinking about some warmer clothing. Now the kids are at school I am planning on blitzing their wardrobes. Isaac has had a growth spurt over the summer holidays which is very visible in some of his trousers and Eliza’s mass of summer dresses need to be replaced by some warmer clothing. I always used to… Continue Reading “Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx”

#OUSTyourhouse this Spring


There is no denying it, the first Bank Holiday of the year is upon us which is traditionally the time to start all those little DIY jobs that need doing or have a good old spring clean. With the days getting warmer we have thrown open our doors and windows, cleaned the garden toys and encouraged the kids to play outside whilst we get on with the cleaning. Probably my least favourite job is cleaning windows, but thanks to a… Continue Reading “#OUSTyourhouse this Spring”

10 Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring cleaning is one of those jobs few people look forward to but will immediately feel the benefits once it’s done. In fact, once you get into it you may find you enjoy some aspects. Either way, the relaxing feel of a deeply cleansed home cannot be beaten. So, whether you live in six bedroom mansion, posh Urbanest student apartment or two up two down, don’t put it off – get the Spring Clean done early so you can enjoy… Continue Reading “10 Spring Cleaning Tips”