#LastingChange Digital Postcard from Tanzania #iwd2014

To celebrate International Women’s Day #iwd2014, Tanya, Annie and Penny from Team Honk are in Tanzania finding out how donations to Sport Relief last year have created female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families and communities and beyond – rippling out #lastingchange in Africa. This is Joyce – Through mentoring and training the Gatsby Trust have helped Joyce expand her poultry business from just a few chicks to now having 300.  She has also now built an extension to house another… Continue Reading “#LastingChange Digital Postcard from Tanzania #iwd2014”

Shopping for Teenage Boys

I have two teenage boys and seem to find shopping for things they like is getting increasingly difficult. Back in the summer I went shopping for Callan’s prom suit and found it a real challenge finding something that a) Fits b) looked how he wanted it to look.  Thankfully, after much searching we found him a suit and he got to wear it again for Sebastian’s Christening. Gone are the days of being able to pick up a pair of trousers… Continue Reading “Shopping for Teenage Boys”

#TeamHonkRelay – The Bournemouth Leg

As soon as heard about Team Honk’s ambitious plan to get bloggers to pass a relay baton around the country from Lands End to John O’Groats I wanted to be part of it. If I am honest the date came round extremely quickly and caught me a little by surprise.  I had initially volunteered to Kayak through Poole Harbour but the recent storms and flooding put pay to that idea.  I also made enquiries about taking the baton by boat,… Continue Reading “#TeamHonkRelay – The Bournemouth Leg”