Proud Moments – The Swimming Gala

Swimming Pool

There is no doubt about it, being a parent is a challenging, ever-changing occupation. Some days it feels like you are climbing a mountain in a blizzard and you are getting nowhere fast, but then there are the days it all comes together and the kids do something that makes you sing from the summit. Yesterday was one of those days. Isaac has been training with a local swimming club since January this year and the improvement in his swimming… Continue Reading “Proud Moments – The Swimming Gala”

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

Women in sport is a hot topic at the moment. Euro 2017 kicked off yesterday with both England and Scotland, who are in group D, playing on Wednesday evening, the Women’s Cricket World Cup is currently being hosted in the UK and the Wimbledon finals were held over the weekend. When I was at school girls were limited to Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Rounders but in this day and age girls are being positively encouraged to try their hand at… Continue Reading “#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club”

Anyone for Tennis? #GBTW


My Mum is Wimbledon obsessed. When she gave birth to me many years ago on 21st June it was the beginning of her passion for the game as in those days they kept Mum’s in hospital for two weeks after having a baby, and she staved off boredom by watching Wimbledon on the TV. She desperately tried to instill that passion in me by paying for me to have lessons as a child. Sadly, it was clear that I was… Continue Reading “Anyone for Tennis? #GBTW”

A treat for me!

Pamper Parcels

Living in a house full of boys I am used to them obsessing over sport. Of course football is the number one choice in our household and even I will switch the TV onto Sky Sports to watch our beloved Chelsea play. The other favourite in our house is the darts.  It is not the sport so much as the atmosphere that grabs you and reels you in.  Hubby goes to see it live when it comes to the BIC… Continue Reading “A treat for me!”

The Gallery – Swimming

turtle tots

There is one skill I insist my children learn – the ability to swim. Not only is it a fantastic source of exercise and good for their health, but I feel it is especially important as we live by the coast. My younger three all look forward to swimming lessons and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or all of them took up the sport competitively in the future.  For now though, it is all about the fun! Swimming lessons… Continue Reading “The Gallery – Swimming”