New ‘Off the Hook’ Fashion Dolls from Spin Master

Off the Hook Dolls

Just before Christmas I got a very special secret delivery with strict instructions that they were for Eliza, but she was not allowed to unwrap them until Boxing Day. The wrapping paper featured the words “Off the Hook”, but that was the only clue we had to the contents inside. Eliza was very keen to unwrap them and gave a little squeal of delight when she found some brand new collectable fashion dolls inside the packages. We love the concept… Continue Reading “New ‘Off the Hook’ Fashion Dolls from Spin Master”

New Hatchimals Surprise Review

Hatchimals Surprise

Last year we were lucky enough to be some of the first people to review the #1 Toy for Christmas – Hatchimals. This year Hatchimals are back and much as we loved our Penguala, Spinmaster have worked on feedback from last years toy and made Hatchimals Surprise easier to hatch and even more fun!! First impressions of the mysterious jumbo egg is it is much bigger than last years. In the box comes a quick start guide, the egg and instructions… Continue Reading “New Hatchimals Surprise Review”