90:10 Man Menswear Review

90:10 Man

I love the story about how Daniel’s business 90:10 Man was founded. Like all good stories it started in a pub and 90:10 Man was born, meaning 90% Grown up..10% Not! I think we all feel that way sometimes and the saying certainly fits my husband.  He takes his job very seriously and can sometimes bring it home, however, his inner child is always in there somewhere. My husband will freely admit he is an adrenalin junkie and revels in… Continue Reading “90:10 Man Menswear Review”

My Den Competition with Philips

Sulley Nightlight

What is it about children creating Dens? My children love nothing more than draping blankets over chairs, taking all the cushions off the sofa and hiding in there making up stories and actually playing nicely for a change. Get Daddy involved and the Den building goes to the extreme! He upturns the sofa’s, builds a fort out of the cushions and sends the kids into a frenzy! The lovely team at Phillips have launched a competition for you and your child… Continue Reading “My Den Competition with Philips”

A day out at Farmer Palmers

This week we were invited to the unveiling of Farmer Palmers exciting new play barn. Set to the left of the slide barn, it offers a whole new area of indoor play if the weather turns and was an immediate hit with Isaac and Eliza. It is filled with features which will encourage roll play, get the kids moving and even a fantastic sensory area with cool lighting effects.  Isaac, Eliza and Olive were particularly taken by the life-size wooden… Continue Reading “A day out at Farmer Palmers”

Young Guns!

Isaac turned 6 last week and wants to do everything his big brother’s can do, which made choosing his birthday party a bit of a challenge as he is too little for most things he wanted to try. We go to Lemur Landings Soft Play centre regularly and Eliza had a Create a Bear party there earlier in the year for her birthday.  Much as Isaac enjoyed it, it wasn’t really something him and his friends would want to do,… Continue Reading “Young Guns!”

Fairy Power of Soft

Many mums start out with Fairy Non Bio to provide great softness next to baby’s skin. But once you’re a mum, you never stop caring! That’s why many mums choose to stay with Fairy Non Bio. Fairy Non Bio gives you amazingly clean clothes, soft towels and bedding, all with that gentle feeling of softness next to precious skin. Fabric Softener: Adding even greater softness to your wash, just one capful of Fairy Fabric Softener keeps the little ones, and no-longer-so-little… Continue Reading “Fairy Power of Soft”