All new fun at Lemur Landings

Lemur Landings

We are big fans of Lemur Landings at Tower Park, Poole and at the beginning of the year we were intrigued to find that they had closed some of the centre off to be updated. We have been enjoying the facilities since Isaac was a baby and both Isaac and Eliza have enjoyed birthday parties there, with Isaac having a Phaser Party and Eliza having a Create a Bear Party and a My Little Pony Craft Party. Last month we… Continue Reading “All new fun at Lemur Landings”

Climbing High at Rock Up Whiteley

Rock Up

My kids adore being outside in the fresh air, but the weather has been so miserable of late that I have been desperately searching for things for them to do. Exercise is brilliant for keeping the kids calm and happy, so anything that can bring the outdoors inside sounds good to me. Rock Up, Whiteley, is an indoor climbing centre which has been developed to entertain the whole family, no matter what age or ability and we headed there on… Continue Reading “Climbing High at Rock Up Whiteley”

How Old is too old for Soft Play?

Lemur Landings

On several occasions over this school holiday I have been subjected to the wonderful world of Soft Play thanks to the awful weather and having very bored children to entertain. On two of these occasions the trip has been completely ruined thanks to children who were very obviously too old to be there, which led me to tweet “How old is too old for soft play?” A very differing response came through, although we were all in agreement that it… Continue Reading “How Old is too old for Soft Play?”