An unexpected snow day in Dorset!

It is a running joke in our house that whenever the country gets snow, it never actually reaches us. The last time we had a proper dusting of snow was in December 2010, when I was heavily pregnant with Eliza and our sledges have been gathering dust in the shed ever since. Even the initial weather warnings boldy teased us by avoiding our area at every opportunity, so we resigned ourselves to just some colder than normal weather thanks to… Continue Reading “An unexpected snow day in Dorset!”

Fun things to do outside when it’s cold


Winter weather can make getting outdoors seem like an ordeal – cold temperatures, snow, frost and ice and a lack of warm sunshine can make even the most outdoorsy family want to hibernate inside. In my experience, the kids are less bothered about challenging weather conditions than adults, especially if their are things to catch their attention and play with. The important thing is to layer up and wrap them up nice and warm, with a special focus on hats, gloves and snuggly warm socks. Fun… Continue Reading “Fun things to do outside when it’s cold”

Getting crafty at home: 3 winter projects


Winter is a fantastic time of year to snuggle down in your warm house away from the cold and indulge in a few of your favourite hobbies and craft activities. There are so many obvious craft activities to choose such as preparing cards and decorations for Christmas but why not try something completely different and challenging? Have a look at these three projects to try this season: 1)  Winter wonderland – If you’ve visited any large department shops or garden… Continue Reading “Getting crafty at home: 3 winter projects”