AD: Embrace your individuality with Smiggle!

Smiggle E Light up book

Smiggle items are the playground must have! I cannot do the school run without seeing dozens of Smiggle bags, keyrings or back packs and they all bring a smile to my face as they are so bright and colourful. We were lucky enough to be sent a Smiggle Gift Card for the kids (and the class teddy, Charlie), to go wild in our local Bournemouth store. With so many colours, ranges, prints and styles at Smiggle, I let the kids… Continue Reading “AD: Embrace your individuality with Smiggle!”

New Smiggle Disney Collection – Star Wars

On Remembrance Sunday we headed into Bournemouth for the kids to take part in the Remembrance Parade with the kids Scouts Group. Once we had finished, the kids insisted on heading into our local Smiggle Store and the boys were instantly drawn to the new Disney collections. For the boys, they have a fantastic Star Wars range, which includes favourites such as Darth Vadar, Kylo Ren, BB8 and R2D2 and the girls is all about Frozen 2. The limited edition… Continue Reading “New Smiggle Disney Collection – Star Wars”

Brightening up the school run with Smiggle

Smiggle Lunch Bag

I have been a fam of Smiggle since they first launched in the UK back in 2014. Smiggle (the cross between a smile and a giggle) are the ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion forward stationery which is perfect for adding a bit of colour to the school run. They are also stockists of the ever popular Squishies that seem to be all the rage in the classroom at the moment. If you hurry they are currently on offer at 2… Continue Reading “Brightening up the school run with Smiggle”

My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids


Just walk into any supermarket and you are bombarded with shelf upon shelf of chocolate treats all ready and waiting for Easter. In our family we avoid Easter Eggs, although the kids receive them from friends and family so they do get a couple to enjoy. Instead we buy them a little gift, usually toys or clothing, depending what they want or need. Easter is the perfect time to teach children all about new life, why things grow and getting… Continue Reading “My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids”

Have a #HappySmiggleNewYear and win Smiggle Goodies


Smiggle (the cross between a smile and a giggle) are the ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion forward stationery. Smiggle was born in 2003 and their first store opened in Melbourne, Australia and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks and gadgets that filled a tiny, but very special place. In 2014 Smiggle finally opened its doors in the UK, although they still haven’t opened one local to me, but I will forgive them. If you are not familiar with… Continue Reading “Have a #HappySmiggleNewYear and win Smiggle Goodies”