Is Your Kid Smartphone Addict? 5 Tips to Cure Them!


As we make detoxification for alcohol or drugs, today, we need to consider cures to break away from this handy little gadget called smartphone.┬áTo begin, you must know the symptoms of smartphone addiction first. Here are some explained! Symptoms of Smartphone addiction: Symptoms of addiction smartphone can vary from individual to individual, and may include: Anxiety and thoughts turned only to smartphone compulsive and excessive use of smartphone connection time too long Irritability, nervousness or impatience without the smartphone Once… Continue Reading “Is Your Kid Smartphone Addict? 5 Tips to Cure Them!”

Veeemotion Mobile App Review

I love sharing videos. I either share short snippets on instagram which are limited to 10 seconds or have been known to spend hours cobbling together various clips I have shot through the day of our days out and then upload them to YouTube. I was only chatting to hubby the other day saying that there was a real gap in the market for a video app that had the same type of social sharing angle as instagram. ┬áThen we… Continue Reading “Veeemotion Mobile App Review”