A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster


With about 60 million people in the US alone struggling to sleep, getting a good night’s rest is often much easier said than done. With the constant pressures of modern-day life mounting up, we can often find our minds consistently on-the-go and incapable of proper relaxation. Whilst it’s completely normal to have a bad night’s sleep every now and again, if you always find it difficult to drift off you may experience some quite serious health-related symptoms if you don’t… Continue Reading “A Traffic Jam Slumberland: Top Tips and Tech to Help You Fall Asleep Faster”

How I’m keeping my family healthy through the winter season!

Avon Heath

There is no way of keeping the children away from bugs when they start school, but there are ways of making sure that they don’t affect them too badly. Since Sebastian started pre-school he has managed to pick up a couple of colds and a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth but thankfully hasn’t been as poorly as he was last year, where everything he picked up seemed to affect his throat and chest and I think the changes we… Continue Reading “How I’m keeping my family healthy through the winter season!”

Give the Gift of Sleep this Christmas


Being a new parent is probably one of the most exhausting periods in anyone’s life and if like me you are gifted with a non-sleeper it can be extra tough. What if you could give the gift of solid sleep? Parents-to-be can now get clued up on how to get solid stretches from as early as 3 weeks (and yes, including breastfed babies, too!!) thanks to support from Eve and her team at Calm and Bright. Contrary to popular belief,… Continue Reading “Give the Gift of Sleep this Christmas”

Waking Sleeping Beauty


Mornings used to be so organised in our household. It was easy to make sure everything was done and organised when I was up so early with Sebastian and even the teen was good at getting himself out of bed. Things seem to have changed drastically since the start of this school year. I am still up early and 99% of the time and really organised, lunches are made, kids are dressed and fed but we have hit a few… Continue Reading “Waking Sleeping Beauty”

Premier Inn’s Travel Sleep Tips Campaign

Premier Inn

Premier Inn understands that getting your child into a regular sleep routine can be one of the biggest challenges as a parent and, if you’re staying in an unfamiliar environment such as a hotel, they may become unsettled. They have asked me to share my experiences in getting my children to sleep whilst travelling and staying in unfamiliar accommodation. My first tip is to prepare them for the change in surroundings. Travelling can be hugely exciting and I normally give my… Continue Reading “Premier Inn’s Travel Sleep Tips Campaign”