Skylanders Academy and all new Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators

On Monday we were invited to an exclusive screening of Skylanders Academy – the fabulous new show exclusive to Netflix. At Skylanders Academy the greatest young warriors from realms all across Skylands are trained to protect the universe from evil-doers and the first episode introduces us to the team as they train to become Skylanders. We arrived at the Mondrian Hotel full of excitement about what we were about to see and were immediately presented with a room full of… Continue Reading “Skylanders Academy and all new Skylanders Imaginators”

Skylanders Trap Team Review

Trap Team

Isaac has been a huge Skylanders fan ever since the first game was released and although he doesn’t have all the figures, he does have a cupboard full and all the games they have released so far. When they announced the launch of their new game Skylanders Trap Team last year it shot straight to the top of Isaac’s Christmas list and never budged – it was the only thing he wanted. The kids got a Wii U to share… Continue Reading “Skylanders Trap Team Review”

How to make Skylanders Traptanium

Ask Isaac what he wants for Christmas and you can guarantee the three words that come out of his mouth are Skylanders Trap Team! In Skylanders Trap Team, the Skylands’ most evil villain, Kaos, has blown up the legendary Cloudcracker Prison, releasing Skylands’ biggest baddies and blasting shards of Traptanium to earth in the form of traps. Now it’s up to portal masters to recapture all of the escaped villains using powerful Traptanium Traps and defeat Kaos before it is… Continue Reading “How to make Skylanders Traptanium”

Skylanders Summer

The boys enthusiasm for Skylanders seems to have ramped up a gear over the summer holidays and I think it is because they got the chance to play the new Skylanders Trap Team at Camp Bestival and LolliBop. All previous figures have been confirmed to work once again but of course there is a whole slew of new toys to collect. First to note are the 16 new Trap Masters, a larger toy that wields a Traptanium weapon and has… Continue Reading “Skylanders Summer”