How to choose the perfect ski jacket

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You have researched your dream location, booked your hotel and sorted out equipment hire and now is the time to head to the shops and find your clothing. I find shopping for holidays lots of fun, but there is a definite added pressure to finding the perfect clothes for a winter holiday; will I be warm enough, will it keep me dry, do I look good etc When packing for a winter holiday, you need to be prepared. When we… Continue Reading “How to choose the perfect ski jacket”

What to pack for a skiing holiday with the kids


Taking the kids on holiday to a cold climate is a whole different ball game to packing for the summer holidays and can take some careful planning, especially when it comes to suitcase weight limits. The key to keeping warm in arctic temperatures is to layer up, but getting those layers right is key. What to pack for a skiing holiday with the kids Good quality ski clothes: Either a ski suit, or jacket and salopettes, with braces for kids,… Continue Reading “What to pack for a skiing holiday with the kids”

5 Must-Do Activities on a Lapland Holiday

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Sunshine holiday’s are great fun and we love nothing more than exploring the destination we have visited, enjoying some water sports and sampling local delicacies, but nothing quite compares to experience the magic of winter in Lapland. Living in the UK, the country grinds to a halt at the first sign of snow, but the Finnish people have living with the white stuff down to a fine art. Snow in Finland is not the wet slushy stuff that we are… Continue Reading “5 Must-Do Activities on a Lapland Holiday”

We are Unstoppable now!!

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We have had almost a week of having two children down with the dreaded lurgy, which also means we have been stuck indoors which is most unlike us as we like to be out and about, scrunching through leaves, leaping in muddy puddles and finding adventure around every corner. As I sat snuggled up with Sebby my¬†imagination drifted off to plan our perfect family holiday. Much as we all love a little sunshine, at this time of year I dream… Continue Reading “We are Unstoppable now!!”