Top Ten Tips for Christmas Food Shopping

Trolley Bags

Shopping for food at Christmas is possibly one of the most stressful parts of Christmas. I worked in a supermarket for 16 years and Christmas was always one of my favourite times of year, everyone was (mostly) cheerier, the time just flew past and it was the one time you could eat on the shopfloor – chocolate anyone? However, there are some tips I have to share: Don’t leave the Christmas essentials to the last minute. They’ve been in stock… Continue Reading “Top Ten Tips for Christmas Food Shopping”

Last Minute Christmas Shopping and Sales Tips


I hate shopping. Or rather I hate shopping with children in tow. This year I have done almost all of my Christmas shopping online and although I have boxes all over the house, it has been so much easier. If you still have presents to buy, like me, remember that this is the last week for free or cheapest online delivery for most stores. I find that buying online can often be cheaper than in-store and it’s far easier to… Continue Reading “Last Minute Christmas Shopping and Sales Tips”

How to Win at Sales Shopping


Shopping the sales can be dangerous and I am living proof that it doesn’t always go to plan! In the past I have been known to buy the wrong size dress that I had fallen in love with and “determined” to fit into it – I never did; Bought the wrong size shoes and wore them for all of 5 minutes before I admitted to myself that they didn’t fit; Wasted money on gadgets that seemed like a good idea… Continue Reading “How to Win at Sales Shopping”

Trolley Bags – Making Shopping Easier

Trolley Bags

I spent 16 years working in a supermarket with much of time being spent around the checkouts or in the home shopping department where packing other people’s shopping was common place. In fact I consider myself a bit of an expert shopping packer and still use the “home shopping knot” when packing our own shopping as it stops the contents of the bag falling out all over the back of the car and is easy to undo again. Shopping isn’t… Continue Reading “Trolley Bags – Making Shopping Easier”

It Asda Go Wrong Somewhere!

I have been a massive fan of online shopping for a number of years.  I have become the master of hunting down a bargain and love the convenience of having it delivered straight to my door.  Actually traipsing around the shops fills me with dread these days, mainly because I know that it will involve a small person either announcing they need a wee in the most inconvenient location, or screaming because I refuse to buy them x, y or… Continue Reading “It Asda Go Wrong Somewhere!”